Natural Tissue Hernia Repair 

Welcome to Ansa Health Care - The Global Leader in Non-Mesh Hernia Repair.

Our treatment process use Non-plastic mesh, natural muscle - Shouldice Technique repair performed by experienced American Board of Surgery certified surgeons.

This site is intended for non-Canadian patients only. Canadian patients are directed to Hernia specialists caring for Canadian patients

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Our Surgeons

Having your surgeon who is trained in not just repair of your hernia but one who is well trained and experienced in all types of general surgery is important. This is not so much if things go well, for that is the easy part, competent surgeons can deal with familiar surgical conditions well.

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The Shouldice Method

The Shouldice repair - Natural Tissue and Hernia Repair has been refined over several decades and is the gold standard for the prosthesisfree treatment of inguinal hernias. The Shouldice method is exceptionally safe, secure and reliable for hernia repair. 

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Becoming a Patient

Make an informed, educated choice to repair your hernia using the alternative non-plastic mesh repair. Learn how you can become a patient by following our 8 step process. Rest assured that all your medical and personal information is held confidentially in a secure manner.

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At Ansa - Natural Tissue Hernia Repair, we believe in a partnership between patient and surgeon to effect a successful and optimal outcome to every surgery. We intend to narrow the knowledge gap between patient and surgeon to allow you to more fully participate in your care. Once you understand our philosophy for the surgical care we offer, you will be sure that we are the right choice for you.

Please note that some images and videos on our website are quite graphic. We hope you understand our intent.

Ansa - Natural Tissue Hernia Repair Offers

  • Non-plastic mesh, natural muscle; Shouldice Technique repair
  • Experienced American Board of Surgery certified surgeons
  • Non-stainless steel suture repair (Modern sutures are used for your repair)
  • Highly qualified anesthesiologists will fully monitor you throughout your operation
  • Meticulous hemostasis surgery using electrosurgical surgical cautery to stop and prevent bleeding during and after surgery
  • Modern painless non-metal skin closure with sutures below the skin; no metal skin clips to remove; keeping you in hospital
  • Our procedures free of prolonged, multiple painful steel skin clip removal over several days
  • No requirement for overnight hospital stay; you recover comfortably in your own environment
  • Private and highly personalized nursing and surgeon access; a quick phone call away.
  • Specialized care by your own surgical team; no one else cares for you
  • Fully qualified, specially trained, expert nursing care after your operation
  • Long-term access to surgical care after your operation
  • Complete post-surgical care including complications

ANSA No-Mesh Shouldice practice

Other no-mesh treatment centres

Mesh repair centres

Materials used to repair hernia

Natural tissue from your own body

Natural tissue from your own body

Plastic mesh (synthetic)

Incision length

3-4 inches

Everything open for surgeon to examine


Suture material

Non-stainless steel suture.

Stainless steel suture. Requires surgical removal

Non metal skin closure

Skin closure

Modern painless non-metal skin closure

Multiple painful steel skin clips – multiple stage ??

Modern painless non-metal skin closure

Surgeon care post surgery

Personal close contact

Team approach

Personal ???

Risk of reoccurrence

Very low (<0.5%)

Very low (<2%)

5 - 10%

Risk of infection

Very low

Very low

High due to artificial mesh

Mesh will be removed if infected

Recovery time

2 weeks

2 weeks

2 weeks

Patient Education


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