Natural Tissue Hernia Repair

Make an informed, educated choice to repair your hernia using the alternative non-plastic mesh repair.

ANSA Bioidenticals

Are you looking for Optimum Health, Aging Optimization, Obesity Management, and Disease Prevention?

Natural Tissue Hernia Repair

At Ansa - Natural Tissue Hernia Repair, we believe in a partnership between patient and surgeon to effect a successful and optimal outcome to every surgery. We intend to narrow the knowledge gap between patient and surgeon to allow you to more fully participate in your care. Once you understand our philosophy for the surgical care we offer, you will be sure that we are the right choice for you.

Ansa Health Care - Bioidenticals

Our team of doctors work together by sharing their knowledge base and expertise for optimal patient care. We prescribe natural as well as synthetic medicines as you may need it, that is Health Canada and FDA approved and certified, largely that’s why it is safe and effective.